Custom Framed Mirrors

When you are building or remodeling your home many people choose to upgrade items in their house.custom-framed-mirror Some of the more common items which are upgraded are things like flooring, appliances, windows, and doors. What some people do not consider are the mirrors. Mirrors in a standard home are typically your basic sheet glass mirrors. Sheet glass mirrors are great for functionality as well as economically, but they do not do much when you are trying to create your own unique style with a more personal décor. Whether you are looking to change or enhance the style and décor in your bathroom, bedroom or any other room in your home considering the thought of investing in custom framed mirrors can make all the difference.

Types of Custom Framed Mirrors

  • Bathroom or Vanity Mirrors – Depending on the type of bathroom or vanity you have, the mirror you choose can really change the look of your room. You can choose one large mirror or two smaller ones for a double vanity.
  • Floor Length Mirrors – Floor length mirrors are perfect for bedrooms. They can be used when getting dressed while adding brightness and creating the illusion of openness and space.
  • Hallway Mirrors – Hallway mirrors can add depth while opening up the typically confined spaces of hallways.
  • Living or Dining Room Mirrors – Living or Dining room mirrors can make a statement while brightening the look and feel of the room.

Custom framed mirrors can add a personal touch to any room in your home. There are many different frame styles, colors and frame widths to choose from. Custom framed mirrors are unique and can come in a variety of sizes, large or small. They can help give your room the look you are trying to achieve whether it is contemporary, rustic, or traditional. The next time you are looking to upgrade or alter the looks of a room in your home, consider investing in custom framed mirrors.