Single Hung Windows Englewood

Whether you are shopping for windows for your new construction home or looking to replace the windows of your current home or business, the experts at Charlotte County Glass are here to help. Charlotte County Glass offers single hung windows to residents and businesses in Englewood and all surrounding areas. Single hung windows will help to enhance the look of any home or business and is a great investment for any structure. They are efficient, durable and easy to operate. With single hung windows, the top sash of the window is fixed or stationary, while the bottom sash moves smoothly up and down. They are the most commonly used window type by Florida home builders. The windows of your home do more for a room than just let the light in. Windows help to make the room look and feel more spacious and pleasant while accenting the layout and décor of your home. Charlotte County Glass has been helping to beautify the homes all across Charlotte County for over 28 years. If you are looking for new windows or looking to replace broken windows, we are your window specialists. Call now and speak to one of our window specialists today.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows:

  • Saving Space – They operate with the bottom sash sliding up and down versus opening outward, this is ideal for smaller spaced rooms. They also provide a great way to allow sunlight and fresh air into tight spaces.
  • Energy Efficient – They are energy efficient and can help you save money on heating and cooling bills. With only one moving sash, there is less chance for air to slip through the seams.
  • Low Maintenance – They are durable and easy to operate offering long term use and low maintenance.
  • Versatility – There are many choices when it comes to finishing options, style and trim.

Transform Your Englewood Home with Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a popular choice for many Florida homeowners. These windows provide versatility, functionality, and beauty, making them the perfect choice for any home. Single hung windows are great to install in smaller rooms such as a home office, bathroom, or guest rooms. Because they do not open outward, they are ideal for tight spaces, while bringing in natural light without loosing square footage. Contact the window specialists at Charlotte County Glass for more information about single hung windows in Englewood. 

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