Custom Glass Shelves

If you are looking to add more storage space but are unsure of how or where to add it consider having glass shelves installed. Glass shelves are a wonderful option to allow you to get the extra storage space that you may need while adding a touch of elegance to your home. Glass shelves can be installed in many areas of your home including the kitchen, bar area, bathroom, dining room or bedroom.

Benefits of Glass Shelves

  • Glass shelves can accent any type of décor
  • More attractive than wood or metal shelving units
  • Saves on flooring space
  • Pleasing, elegant appearance
  • Strong and durable
  • Allows light to shine through creating a stunning look

In addition to these benefits, glass shelving can come in a variety of lengths, depths and thicknesses. Glass shelves also come in multiple shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, quarter circle or quarter pentagon which can be installed in corners of rooms.

Types of Glass Shelves  floating glass shelves

  • Custom Glass Shelves
  • Floating Glass Shelves
  • Kitchen Glass Shelves
  • Bathroom Glass Shelves
  • Wall Mounted Glass Shelves
  • Bar Glass Shelves

With the many benefits, the flexibility of size, length and shape and the large variety of types, it is no wonder why glass shelves are so popular and more and more people are turning to glass shelves when adding improvements and updating their home décor.

Who to Call

Charlotte County Glass creates custom glass shelves for both commercial and residential clients. We can create glass shelves based on your specifications or help transform your ideas into a reality. We can create your glass shelf in may shapes and sizes. Call us today for a free consultation.